Save the elephants! Say #BYEBYEGD & move your domains to Namecheap

March 31, 2011

A recent video showing the CEO of GoDaddy shooting at a parade of elephants in Zimbabwe, killing one started a GD backlash. Namecheap, a leading domain registrar based in Los Angeles, has offered a domain transfer special offering all of those disturbed by these actions a cost-effective way to transfer their domains to 

The social media space was up in arms when the discovery of the video surfaced, bringing GoDaddy to trending topics on Twitter. Said one representative of Namecheap. “All of us at Namecheap were very disturbed by this video. Elephants are an endangered species and hunting them for any reason is something we feel strongly against. Feedback from GoDaddy customers also showed they felt strongly about such practices so we have launched a special offer allowing them to move away from GoDaddy.

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